About Our Company

GROUPE-ACCES communications is your partner for reliable, secure and result-oriented Internet solutions. Backed by superior customer service, we help small and medium-sized businesses across Canada and the United States to take advantage of the Internet.

Corporate History

GROUPE-ACCES communications began its operation in 1982 as “Phaser Communications Inc.”; a dispatch-based Radio Common Carrier [RCC]. The company subsequently became the first to install the 800 MHz LTR trunking radio systems in Quebec, Canada. As the company expanded, it proceeded to build strategic partnerships with major manufacturers, such as, E.F. Johnson, Motorola, Uniden, Zetron, and Sinclair.

Phaser Communications Inc. continued its development and penetrated the cellular marketplace by becoming a Bell Cellular loading agent in 1985. By the late 1980’s, Phaser, known as GROUPE-COMM mobile, had succeeded in acquiring three of its leading local competitors and established itself firmly in the local market. In 1992, GROUPE-COMM mobile sold its domestic asset base of mobile subscribers to its leading Canadian competitor, making the latter Canada’s largest RCC/ SMR operator.


Since then the company became known as GROUPE-ACCES communications [GAC] and has been diversifying its resources into the international wireless communications marketplace, and has delivered several private paging systems, as well as, LAN and PABX Infrastructure, to Eastern Europe and North America.

In the mid 1990’s GAC took advantage of the growing Internet market and invested into building a modern data centre and ventured into providing turnkey web solutions to the international community, by providing services such as, shared web hosting, dedicated, co-location and managed hosting services, web design, back-end programming, e-commerce and wireless networking and connectivity.

Our Team

Our team’s combined strategic vision, innovative ideas and diverse professional backgrounds have given us a unique advantage in addressing our clients’ needs. Our team includes Microsoft certified developers, HTML designers, graphic artists, network engineers and technicians. We are dedicated to providing courteous and knowledgeable assistance to our customers at all times. Our professional team has been servicing the Canadian and International community since 1982.

If you have any questions and/or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

GROUPE-ACCES communications is your partner for reliable, secure and result-oriented Internet solutions.

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